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Book review: Matthew Siege’s Headshot: Two in the Head

Ryan had beat the game. He had sealed himself within a guild vault, and now just needed reviewto wait until he respawned on Monday, or so he thought. But things do not always go to plan. It turns out Sundays weren’t the down time the developers had insinuated. It was a time for Survivors to gather supplies and prepare themselves for the week ahead. There was just one problem, he was logged in but he wasn’t a Survivor. The system didn’t quite know what to do with him. Instead of a form, an impossible zombie body, they tethered him invisibly to Sasha. He soon realised that there was more at stake for her in this game than he could have imagined, and suddenly, beating the game had a whole new meaning.

I loved book one, book two is brilliant. We find ourselves delving into the Survivor side of the game, learning how their side works, the skills, the detail, everything normally unknown to the free-play zombies. But as Ryan he discovers this new system, he also uncovers something new, Sasha, they young lady he had taken the brick from, the reason he had entered the guild vault in the first place, had an agenda, this was not a game for her, not any more. Through their strange connection we learn about her, her motivations, and a darker twist to the gaming world. Headshot: Two in the Head is masterfully written, riddled with suspense, and leaves you hungry for more. I can’t wait for book three. These books get my  unhesitating recommendation, and those who follow me know how few books I attribute those words to.

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