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Everybody knew you didn’t cross the desert plains when it was Tromoal breeding reviewseason, to do so was a death sentence. That didn’t stop Maddie though, her old injury was causing her distress, her health slowly decreased, and she needed more potions. If she took this job, a mission to make an important delivery, she could afford what she needed and more, not to mention the bonus of some of the payment transferred upfront so she could prepare. When she reaches Trox city, she soon discovers this delivery is not at all what she expected.

Desert Runner is the first instalment in Dawn Chapman’s Puatera Online series. It is a fun read with some good world and character building. With it being from an NPC perspective, something I had not encountered before, there is less ‘game talk’ but with her own awareness Maddie understands more about this world, and the visitors, than most. It is fun, enjoyable, and I will certainly be I trestles to see where book two takes us.

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