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Book review: Dave Willmarth’s The Greystone Chronicle (@DaveWillmarth )

For a long time Alexander has known he was dying. It was inevitable, he had been reviewdiagnosed with NDS, Neuromuscular Degenerative Syndrome, he had years left, but he refused to let it stop him doing what he loved. He was a gamer, and IO Online was his passion. He and his friends played religiously, braving the world, raiding the dungeons, and bringing hope to player and NPC alike, but they are about to experience it in a way they never imagined. Full immersion. An experimental pod has been created, and they were selected to test drive this new design, the catch is, they all had to start new level one characters. Not too bad, until they make enemies of PWP, a powerful player killer guild who will stop at nothing to see them destroyed. But there is more to this guild that meets the eye, and the dangers they pose of more real than Alexander could have imagined. Can he put an end to this guild of terrorists, when they not only outnumber their small group, but out-level them too, and what are these whispers of unrest, trouble is coming, and it seems Alexander has found himself in the firing line.

I really enjoyed Dave Willmarth’s  The Greystone Chronicles. It was an immersive and entertaining read from beginning to end. Those familiar with some of the more popular MMORPGs will recognise a few system inspirations, and some genius adaptations of magic and  class skills. Reading this was like playing a good game, I just didn’t want to stop. The characters are brilliant, deep, and well developed with great relationships and personalities. More than once I found myself laughing aloud, there were some scenes that brought to mind some of my own gaming nightmares with mob pulling. I have already added book two to my to read list. If you want action, adventure, conflict, danger, and strife then look no further, and be prepared for the added bonus of humour, intelligent thinking, and planning, there has to be when being pitted against level death* characters seek revenge. I can’t wait to start on book two. Epic drop!

Book link:

*(level death is how I’ve always referred to the character’s whose level shows as a skull, meaning you’re likely to die a quick and horrible death)


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