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Book review: Holland C Kirbo’s A Flame in the Night

The birth of her sister’s child stirred a gift Laykyn had never imagined. All it took was one touch reviewof the newborn and she had a vision, one of fire and violence. A dangerous force sought the child, but why any would wish to harm a baby was beyond her. Then there were the dreams, a similar theme of fire, but his time it was she who was trapped, at first by her own fear, and then by a man who barred her path. Her mother suggested, perhaps, given how long she had had them there was something divine in their nature, something that needed to be understood, how right she was. Unbeknown to Laykyn the world is changing, dark forces have awoken in the west, and most of Theranyn has fallen to Maal, the ruler of Hael who wishes to force himself into physical form and take their world for his own. Her nephew’s birth was a thing of significance, a catalyst, but not in the way any had expected.

Holland C Kirbo has an excellent writing style filled with rich and beautifully descriptive narrative, fantastic world building, and an array of unique and interesting characters forged into their own person by their unique experiences. There was no choice but to be drawn into the fabulous world, and marvel at all within. Rich histories, myths, and attention to detail have all been woven to create this amazing tale, and since A Flame in the Night is the first book in The Legends of Aewyr series it shows fantastic promise for the rest of the series. This book really made it easy to get excited about fantasy, I loved the complexes, the characters and the obvious thought and scope that has clearly gone into its writing. I am looking forward to book two.


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