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Book review: S.S. Segran’s AEGIS EVOLUTION (@SegranBooks )

The chosen have returned to Dema-Ki to further their training, exploring abilities that revieware beyond even the Elders’ guidance, and yet guide them they must. This group of friends must learn to combine their powers, for they will be called upon sooner than they could imagine. Riots, raids, and crop destruction has put strain on the world, but that is but the tip of the iceberg, the first part of a deadly plan, and part two in underway. A deadly plague is spreading, leaving death in its wake, and it seems almost no one is safe from infection. Can they find a means to stop the spread and cure those already afflicted, or will they be forced to watch everyone they care about die, and be powerless to do anything? Find out in S.S. Segran’s Aegis Evolution.

An amazing adventure of epic proportions. Aegis Evolution whisks you away into a story that is Iron fist, meets X-Men, meets Percy Jackson and spins a truly engaging and enjoyable tale. Whilst it is book three in the Aegis League Series Book 3 it works well as standalone, with key details seamlessly woven into the main plot to give the reader an understanding of what happened in the books before. I really struggled to put this down once I had started, it held me captivated from the first page to the last in a whirlwind tale of adventure, friendship, challenges, danger, and the pushing of boundaries.  S.S. Segran has a wonderful writing style that effortlessly seems to flow, pulling the reader deeper until they can’t help but find themselves fully immersed and invested in the characters’ struggles, there is some great developments, not only in plot but in the characters and their growth on a personal level. A simply amazing read, a must for lovers of the genre.


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