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Time has advanced beyond that of our era, and with destruction and rebirth came reviewchange. Magic is no longer a thing of fiction, and anime may have more to teach us about world mechanics than ever before. Hiro was thrilled to be starting the Warrior Academy, a school for the skilled elite. His master had trained him well. His first year of training is about to begin, he will find friends, enemies, and challenges before him, and must apply all he knows, all they know, to overcome them.

G. L. Rathweg must be a fan of anime, I can see so many influences in their work, from Naruto to Dragon Ball Z and beyond. I thought the idea of a reading sound track was quite novel, whilst I like to give my sole focus to reading, I imagine this would be quite fun for people who like to put things to music. I know I’ve certainly created scenes in my mind inspired by soundtracks. This was a fun read that I could see would easily make a transition into anime.

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