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Book review: Purpose – Volume I by Noura (@nourabooks1 )

The true nature of humans is one of love. If we do not experience joy or peace then reviewsomething is inhibiting this. Purpose – Volume I by Noura attempts to display and explain how meditation can be used to better oneself and how to gain strength, wisdom and knowledge of not only yourself but humanity as a whole. It covers many aspects of life, from relationships to death, including an array of emotions, targets, and how both internal and external factors can affect us.

Well presented and well written, the author points out that a reader will put their own meaning to the words, I thought this was a brilliant insight, since everyone who reads it will have their own interpretation on what is written, and something they will take away from it that someone else may not. As a qualified holistic therapist amongst other things I have studied meditation, mindfulness, and all manner of applications, but I am always open to learning and seeing other interpretations which may influence my own practises. I am so pleased I picked up this book. Many books on similar topics often come across as either wooden and overly complex, or too familiar, Noura presents  Purpose – Volume I in a user friendly and unassuming style making it accessible to novices to the topic, or those who have studied and already possess some insight. Whilst I don’t agree with some of the premises, such as love being our true nature, this does not change the wealth of knowledge within, and there are plenty of applications and insight that are fluid and adaptable to fit most belief foundations. It’s a well-structured book and makes for an interesting and thought-provoking read.

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