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Book review: E.L. Strife’s Stellar Fusion

Shepherds always had partners. Then again there was an exception to the rule, Nakio reviewAtana. Her partners either died, or found her incompatible, and so Command allowed her to work alone, she was one of their best anyway. That was why they called upon her to face the latest problem. In the sky above a threat, familiar to her distant memories, loomed, and she is selected to head up the team that will oppose them. This enemy are taking any they can find from the surface of the planet, and she is their last, their only hope. But so little is known of these invaders. Atana thrives in being in control, something the unpredictability of not only her enemy, but of her newly assigned allies is making impossible. Can she surrender the control that keeps her sane and focused, and if she does, what buried secrets will emerge?

I found Stellar Fusion (Infinite Spark Book 1) to be a fascinating and enjoyable read. The author, E.L. Strife, pulls you into their futuristic world, introduces you to the ideas and structure of their domain, and wastes no time in driving the plot forward with compelling characters and imminent danger. Comradery, loyalty, survival, threat, and danger are expertly woven into an engaging plot. You develop an excellent feel for the characters and the personal obstacles they face, as well as those embraced within the plot. This futuristic world has some technologies that are both beautifully and terrifyingly imagined, those that will aid our heroes, and those that will stand in their way, and some times the line between which is which can be blurred. Really enjoyable, interesting, and most importantly fun to read. I look forward to seeing where book two takes us next.


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