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Joe had lived a long life, he had done a lot, but his body was failing him, and everyone reviewknew he didn’t have long left. His granddaughter, knowing his love for games, had paid to ease his transition in a new style of hospice, one that immerses the loved one into a game reality, taking away their pain and giving them one final adventure before they move on. He was excited at the prospect, what he didn’t know was, after he had been placed in the pod, something had gone wrong, or at least that’s how it looked to those on the outside. Joe’s body had suddenly vanished, but for those who summoned him, things had gone to plan, almost. Joe and Spooky, his E.I. companion were whisked into a new world to be the Champion of the Way. He was different to the ones summoned before, but through that difference lay ultimate potential. As long as he can survive enough to level.

You’re not Allowed to Die by Kip Terrington is a really great LitRpg fantasy read. I really enjoyed the gaming mechanics, and how they were applied to reality. The writing style is as engaging as the world itself, and the characters are always developing and growing. The book itself finishes at the end of the first day, a kingdom is being founded and allies are being recruited. In places it makes me think a little of Suikoden, a hero, a castle, and allegiances to form, allies to recruit, all in the name of protecting those weaker. I’m really excited to find out where this goes next.

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