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Book review:Susan Copperfield’s, The Captive King

Summer Cassidy was an earthweaver with a passion for archaeology. A passion her university exploited. reviewHer talents made her an asset, she could manipulate the earth, unbury sites, all without the others needing to lift a finger. If she ever got her doctorate she would rise through the ranks and earn herself a comfortable living, that was, if she ever got her doctorate. She had failed twice, and it was only since the words of bachelor 103 that she realised this was a deliberate ruse by the university to allow them to exploit her gifts for a meagre sum. Fate had crossed their paths that night. She was devastated at having to sell a priceless artefact to fund their dig. But there is where the real trouble begins, anyone whose worth their grain in salt knows that with ancient artefacts come curses. Summer had never known the jade necklace, she would have changed everything, but it was too late for that, now she has no choice but to roll with the punches and attempt to set things to rights. Find out if she can succeed in Susan Copperfield’s, The Captive King.

I really enjoyed how well Summer Cassidy’s brash and stubborn nature was put across throughout the book, she is a strong character and her partnering with billionaire. I really enjoyed the infusion of history, and the world filled with magic. The book, while being Indiana Jones meets Tomb raider in some parts, is also m a lot about Summer’s growth as a character. She really blooms throughout the book, and gains some great depths of character. I really enjoyed this urban fantasy, and it has certainly made me want to pick up more books in the series. If you’re  looking for an action-packed, thrilling adventure with magic and ancient curses then look no further than Susan Copperfield’s, The Captive King, A Royal States Novel.


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