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Book review: Judy Bruce’s Lies in the Wind

Megan knew there was something wrong before Celeste even walked through her doors. reviewShe could feel the malevolence, the evil, in the air. She knew something was coming, but not what. When Megan finds herself involved in what was about to be passed off as a murder suicide she had no idea how deeply she’d be drawn into things. She was already the executor of this family’s will, and found herself drawn to their autistic son, Mitch, who reminded her so much of her own child. Determined to find answers, she pursues her own investigation, unaware exactly how life changing this particular case will be. Join the search, follow the clues, in Judy Bruce’s Lies in the Wind, Wind Series Book 5.

From the very first page Judy Bruce’s Lies in the Wind, Wind Series Book 5 will have you enraptured. Quick to start with a momentum that just keeps building. Judy Bruce provides everything the reader needs to piece together the clues and follow the breadcrumbs, so pay attention as you’re reading and you’ll find yourself solving the case along side Megan. I found the characters to be very real, complex and well developed with a continuous growth throughout the book. As a parent of a child on the spectrum I found the sensitivity used to deal with Mitch, and the attention to small details to be refreshing, and this same attention to detail is skilfully woven into the plot. If you love a good murder mystery, Lies in the Wind certain ranks among the top of those I have read. There is everything you would expect from the genre, as well as some great character focused areas. Murder, mystery, family feuds, relationships, red herrings, and a just a skittering of the paranormal, it’s a recipe for a perfect read.


Book link:

Lies in the Wind



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