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Book review: Accidental Thief by C.J. Davis and Jamie Davis

Hal Dix had plotted and lied to secure himself a long weekend of gaming. His wife would reviewtake his daughter away for a few days to visit her parents, while he ‘worked’. Of course, by worked he actually meant worked on his gaming skills. Even he didn’t realise exactly how much effort would actually be involved. His regular store had come across something unusual, a bootleg release copy of a game yet to be released. It didn’t matter it wasn’t Dave manning the store, he’d wanted to try Fantasma since he had first heard about it. He just wasn’t prepared for the fully immersive nature of this world. Fantasma is in peril, and those who remained and still possessed magic had employed the only method at their disposal in the hope to save themselves from a tyrant who hunt them down without mercy as he conquered their world. They chose to put their last hope in an ancient prophecy, one that states a person from another world would be their saviour, and that person, was Hal Dix. The game was but the portal, but with no idea of what awaits him, or what is expected from him, can Hal rely on his experience as a gamer to save a world that he’s not even certain really exists?

Accidental Thief by C.J. Davis and Jamie Davis was a fun read. As a gamer I appreciated the mechanics of the gameplay included, and as a reader enjoyed how it was portrayed to create an entertaining story about one man against unlikely odds. When I say one man, I of course mean one man and his team. Kay makes a brilliant partner to the duo and legend that would be born by their quest. I enjoyed the world that was created, and the levelling and rising above the ranks for the everyday man pulled into a world he could have only dreamed about existing, let alone have to try to save through his own sense of justice.

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