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Book review: Robert E Kreig’s The Huntress of Woodmyst, (@robertekreig )

Alice was the very image of her father, from her looks, to her heart. She had even taken reviewhis old sword and learnt from the blacksmith in order to melt it down and make something more suitable for her to wield. Recently her thoughts had turned to concern, her home was expanding, the forest was shrinking, and soon she worried the trees would be gone. There was one tree, however, she would protect, the one standing in the place the Great Hall had been. It was here she felt closest to her father. Even though she had yet to turn thirteen she possessed exceptional skills, and the more people begin to notice her difference the more they begin to fear. Some fed this fear, while others attempted to assure them that her heart is for her people. Some amongst Woodmyst respected her more than any member of their council. But it was impossible to hide the animosity, they wanted her dead, but would settle for exile given that she was likely to leave without any persuasion. Little did they know an ancient enemy had returned, and Alice is their best, perhaps only, hope of survival. Even if her skills do surpass their own army, can a young girl really protect them from what is coming? Find out in Robert E Kreig’s The Huntress of Woodmyst, The Woodmyst Chronicles: Book V.

From her kinship with animals to her skills with hunting, forging, and leather making Alice will not fail to surprise you. I loved her character, and found her skills and development enjoyable to witness. Robert E Kreig writes an action packed adventure, filled to the brim with conflict, battle, survival, and surprising allies. The Huntress of Woodmyst is book five in The Woodmyst Chronicles, and yet it flowed seamlessly, and at no point did I feel the need to have read the other books to understand events. There’s a good sense of world building, complete with feuds, legends, and myths, and a very realistic cast of characters who act and respond appropriately. Their attitudes and actions serve to add depth, and whilst you’ll find yourself frustrated with choices made you’ll also understand them. This character-driven story will keep you on the edge of your seat as Alice faces overwhelming odds.

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