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Book review: Anthea Sharp’s Spark: Feyguard Book 1

Spark Jaxley was a professional gamer, and boy did she draw in the crowds. With the reviewupcoming release of FullD and the awesome game Feyland, her schedule was more hectic than ever. The last thing she needed was to cross paths with a Hacker, intent of finding the cheats and selling them before the game was released. Feyland had a secret, it was interfaced with the real land of the fey. So strong was the foundation of the game that it had once drawn beings form that realm through, and a crack remained, with one perfect exploit the barrier separating the game world and the Dark Court could be torn asunder, and who better to find such a cheat than a hacker? Aran did not know what he was getting himself into, and Spark’s attachment to the gaming world goes deeper than any would imagine, she is part of the Feyguard, an elite force of seven charged with returning those mortals who stray to far into the game and end up in a place they should not tread, and now she must risk her life to pull him back to their world, before the fey can utilise his skills to their advantage.

This is a brilliant read. Whilst it is book one in the series Anthea Sharp does an excellent job in creating epic events that preceding the story, without having to actually recap. A nice touch which adds depth and reality to the characters. As a gamer myself I loved in in game applications, the skills, and abilities possessed within Feyland. There had clearly gone a lot of thought into how best to write parts of a game as a book, something which if often lost in transition, but not here. As a reader you will find yourself turning page after page watching the growing relationships, the friendships, companionships, even the adversaries, all developing and escalating. Spark is a brilliant female lead, and is well supported by Aran as a secondary character. Great storytelling, with a fun enjoyable plot.

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