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Book review: The Selection by Jason Nugent (@LailokenRi )

Centuries ago the Anastasians had implemented The Selection, all boys of eighteen were reviewexpected to participate. Eron’s time was approaching but with the memories of his brother’s ear-piercing screams he was filled with fear and foreboding. But there was something about this ritual, something that seemed out of place. Males outnumbered females ten to one, and the more he looked into it the more wrong it seemed. Adult males were sent to the Defence Force, so very few were seen around the community, but stranger still, was he thought they were alone upon the world, a nameless community the only one to exist, and yet there were others. Things he should have known appear to have been kept from him, can he discover why he alone knows so little, while others know their home’s name and of the existence of others. Something doesn’t add up, and perhaps having the answers could mean survival against unlikely odds, but who can he trust when there are no rules, and the aim of the game is to live?

I really enjoyed reading Jason Nugent’s The Selection, and as the first book in the Forgotten Chronicles I am certainly interested to see where this promising author takes us next. Filled with action, kinship, questions, and mystery you are forced to turn page after page in hope of piecing together the truth of The Selection, and given the ending, I will be picking up the next book to see what plans are in store for the future of this world. Events have been set into motion, and whether the inhabitants know it or not, nothing can remain the same, not now. A gripping read.

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