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Book review: The Tomb of Hercules by Andy McDermott (@AndyMcDermott)

Nina thought she’d landed her dream job, great money, funding, and time to  51FMp5if3eL._SY346_on a new obsession, finding the Tomb of Hercules. After finding Atlantis she has a void to fill. Chase, however, finds himself stagnating. He was never designed to be tied to a desk, and Nina had changed, attempting to fit into her new lifestyle. Such change is not always for the better. A face from Chase’s past creates strife, especially when he travels halfway around the world after her. Little did he know he was setting into motion terrible events, and Nina’s latest obsession was just what they were looking for to set their plans into motion.

Betrayal, action, adventure, old alliances, and new enemies come together to create the second book in Andy McDermott’s series. When first we met Nina and Eddie they sought Atlantis, now they are in search of the lost Tomb of Hercules. Buckle down because there is no lack of action, adventure and peril within. As a big follower of Greek mythology I couldn’t wait to lose myself in this adventure. Whilst the first book was more Tomb Raider, in the sense of clues and pursuit of a lost civilisation, this was more James Bond, lots of action, guns, threat, disaster, but not all that much in the way of solving cryptic puzzles and following ancient clues. All in all a good read, but the first book in the series remains my favourite so far.

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