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Book review: The Hunt For Atlantis by Andy McDermott (@AndyMcDermott )

Nina Wilde was orphaned when her parents’ quest for Atlantis ended in betrayal, but  reviewthe same obsession runs through her veins. She has dedicated her life to continuing her parents’ pursuits, and she is certain she has the answer, the location of Atlantis itself. Excitement and nervousness floods through her as she gives her presentation in hope to raise funding, not knowing that following the same path as her parents could end with her sharing the same fate. As far as she knows they died in an avalanche, otherwise she may have shown more caution. Before she knows what is happening she finds herself in the crosshairs of the Brotherhood, a secret organisations whose sole purpose is to prevent the discovery of ancient legend. They will do whatever it takes to stop her, fortunately she has those on side who will do just as much to ensure her success.

With a plot straight out of Tomb Raider, The Hunt for Atlantis will keep you on the edge of your seat as Nina travels the world, piecing together ancient texts and forgotten mythologies, and challenging the interpretations of Plato’s writings. A brilliant, action packed mystery/ adventure that will win the hearts of Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones fans the world over. Andy McDermott’s narrative is ideal for this style of writing, a rich descriptive voice along with well developed characters complete a tight and intensely gripping plot. I have already picked up the second book in this series, and if it’s anything like the first then Andy McDermott has a new fan.

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