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Book review: Malthus Revisited by Lin Wilder (@LinWilder )

Lj had just started college, a event which acted as a catalyst for her to meet her biological reviewmother, Lyndsey. Lj is an alcoholic, and so when Lyndsey, and her husband, Rich, suggested she stayed with them she was relieved Lj didn’t trusting herself around college bars and drinking students. The invitation extended to Lj’s fast friend Morgan,  a young lady diagnosed with ASD, amongst other things, and this single offer could have saved the world itself. Morgan has been cursed with nightmares about the suffering of people given a weaponised version of Mad Cow Disease. Morgan is not the only person moved into place by God’s hand, watch the plan unravel as time begins to run out in Lin Wilder’s, Malthus Revisited: The Cup of Wrath.

Lin Wilder successfully writes a Christian fiction without religion being all-consuming in the plot. There is an array of wonderful and unique characters who you can’t help but be drawn to. You’ll follow the plot with keen interest, it starts at a steady pace escalating as soon as the danger begins to materialise. Malthus Revisited: The Cup of Wrath, has a fascinating and intricate plot, and characters with impressive back stories who are well developed. Alongside the religious aspects you’ll discover some well-researched scientific information, brilliant settings, and fantastic tension building. Parts of the plot will have you perched on the edge of the seat, while others will make you smile. If you’re looking for an engaging, well-constructed, plot with vivid characters, and subplots, written with a strong narrative that also draws on genuine historical events, then look no further. Beginning to end this is an engaging read, sure to please almost any reader.


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