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Book review: Hunting Shadows by Rain Oxford

Astrid had been missing for some time now, with no sign of being found. More reviewconcerning was that others were disappearing too, something brought to Rory’s by Cody, her ex. Normally Astrid took care of problems involving paranormal, but with her disappearance there was no one else he could turn to, except for the rouge barkeeper. A letter to Astrid asking for help detailed a series of missing people with a believed paranormal cause, and Rory had no choice but to take up the investigation in her friend’s stead. Humans could not deal with this kind of thing, and so she finds herself on a mission to discover the truth behind these strange disappearances, but she has never been an investigator, and finds herself almost grateful when someone Logan enters the scene, even if there are things about him she can’t explain. Will they find the reason behind the missing children and discover who or what is behind these abductions before another child vanishes without a trace? Find out in Rain Oxford’s Hunting Shadows.

I have to say, I do enjoy a good paranormal book. I found both Rory and Logan’s character interesting. There is something mysterious about Logan, and it’s clear he’s keeping secrets and knows more than he feels willing to divulge. The conversations and banter between the two characters are enjoyable, as is their quest itself. The two discover they can operate well as a team, and two people who know better than to trust, begin to rely on each other. Rain Oxford writes with a talent for the genre, the story flows seamlessly, taking the reader on a gripping adventure of discovery. This won’t only appeal to paranormal fans, but for those who enjoy a mystery, and there is certainly more than one in need of solving. Great characters, an enjoyable plot, and well-written Hunting Shadows is definitely worth a read.


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