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Book review: Power’s Wrath by Stephen Shortall

The King’s assassination had marked a change for the remote kingdom of Screenia. The reviewQueen had been childless, and there were many who thought the throne should pass to them. The King had been assassinated by an Unknown. The strange creature had been witnessed but all attempts to stop it had failed. The King had been content with his lands, but there were those who wanted to march South and reclaim the lands that were once theirs. Not everyone thought this way, and now there was cause to peruse these ventures. Calthus Calstone was gadal to the King, a respected advisor, but time had not been kind to his aging body which now disguised a man who had once been thought of as a hero. The inscriptions left on the former king’s chest bore some importance. Locked away in the prison of his mind he knew of their relevance but he could not pull the meaning from his mind, but he knew it meant they must go South, only there would answers be found, but perhaps they were asking the wrong questions. Join the adventure in Stephen’s Shortall’s Power’s Wrath.

Power’s Wrath: Book One of the Hourglass Series by Stephen Shortall is a fine example of epic fantasy. Conflict, deceit, schemes, and politics mesh to form a kingdom on the verge of war, but there is something bigger afoot. Stephen Shortall possesses a wonderful descriptive voice that allows the reader to clearly visualise the vivid scenes and complex characters. A large cast is easily handled with no two characters being the same, each is unique driven by their own desires and motivations. Growth and development of key characters run parallel, if not central to the finely designed tale. This is one book you won’t want to put down. With such a rich and vibrant environment and magnificent world building it can seem as real, if not more so than your everyday existence. Action-packed, riveting, and immersive, Power’s Wraith was a truly amazing read, and a strong first book in what looks to be a very interesting and exciting series.


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