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Book review: Alferrions Exodus by Simon Anthony Marriott

Flowing the death of Delforian it was suggested by the psychologist that everyone keep a reviewjournal. For the ten long years since they had left their home world they had been on a quest. It had taken a great deal of resources and sponsorship, but finally they had set up on a scavenger hunt across the stars. Strange tablets in an unfamiliar language had been uncovered at beacons, guiding their quest forwards until they finally reached the most unusual destination. The ancient depictions had led them to an ancient relic they came to call the Gate Stone, and it was capable of amazing feats. For Alferrion it represented answers to long asked questions, but to others it was seen as a weapon, a means to protect themselves against the very race who created it. But contact with the stone has a price, discover the cost and enjoy the gripping conclusion in Simon Anthony Marriott’s Alferrions Exodus, Before Wynter (Wynter series Book 1)

Alferrions Exodus is comprised of the dictations of Alferrion into his Personal Hand Terminal, PHT. Through this we, the reader, get a real sense for the tea-loving character from his idle musings and humour to their more serious considerations. It is certainly a short book, at around 40 pages, making it the perfect bedtime read, and despite being comprised of dictations is enjoyable and atmospheric. There are a few surprises in store too, especially as Alferrions Exodus reaches its climax. An enjoyable adventure from start to finish. This short story’s lore was based in was Last Wynter – Curse of Crows Wood, and with Simon Anthony Marriott’s style being so gripping it is a book I will certainly be adding to my want to read list.


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