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Book review: River Bones by Mary Deal (@Mary_Deal )

It had always been Sara’s dream to own a Victorian mansion and, although Talbot House reviewwas in need of some renovations, her dream had finally come true. Strange noises in the night left her on edge, but when she and her friend Daphine found fresh marks in the concrete where someone had tried to pry open the window Sara had to finally accept there was more to the noises than just her imagination. At her friend’s suggestion they went to visit Mrs Talbot, to learn more about the legend of the ghost walking the halls, if only to discover if these rumours had any truth. Sara, however, was less concerned about a ghost and more worried about a serial killer. She is obsessed with thoughts about this murderer at large, worse still, new evidence seems to suggest they came from Delta, a fact made more unnerving by the feeling that someone has their eye on her. Events that could once be dismissed as an over active imagination begin to escalate until there is no longer any room for doubt, Sara is not safe. Join the mystery and see if you can discover the killer’s identity in Mary Deal’s, River Bones: Sara Mason Mysteries Book One.

Mary Deal seamlessly integrates Sara’s history and character building into the plot, by the time you each the end you know everything you could want to. Friendships are built and developed, whilst all the time a budding air of tension keeps the reader wondering what is happening, and dreading what is to come. There is a brilliant attention to detail, from describing the surroundings, to providing sensory images so you can almost feel the thick blanket of the fog, or the scent of the surroundings. This book really is a descriptive treasure and builds a fantastic image of Delta, its surroundings, and even the community. Fans of mystery will love how subtle clues are woven within the plot, and as with any good story the red herrings and twists will keep you guessing. River Bones is a great read, filled with intrigue, suspense, mystery and even romance, it is well written and easily one of the best mystery/suspense books I have read this year. Mary Deal clearly has a talent for this style of writing, and I look forward to seeing more books from her in the future.


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