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Book review: La Fortuna: The Wheel of Fortune by Vera Zegarac

La Fortuna: The Wheel of Fortune by Vera Zegarac is a romance, but it is so much more. Uma and Carla had been reviewfriends from a young  age, but their lives could not be more different. Uma’s parents were loving and supportive, even when her love life saw her move to France with her husband. Carla, however, fought desperately for just a sliver of approval; she gave up her dreams to stay with her mother. Only once she had gained strength from her therapist she had done something purely for  herself,  archaeology, yet her mother had made her disapproval abundantly clear. Carla was desperately lonely, fearing she will never find love as her friend had. But then she met Eric, and everything seemed perfect. Eric’s family wanted an heir, and yet fate seemed against them, their torment driving a wedge between them. Some time apart seemed just the thing, and with a dig opportunity in Turkey, Carla finds just the way to give them time apart to heal. But will absence make the heart grow fonder, or will out of sight become out of mind?
La Fortuna: The Wheel of Fortune by Vera Zegarac is a wonderful tale about life. I call it a romance because ultimately it is about finding love, but it is also about Carla finding herself as the book follows her story through a number of years and major life events. This is a great read, a story about Carla trying to break free from the oppression and mind-set forced upon her by her upbringing, and finding love and happiness. As with real life, it is messy and things don’t always go to plan. I found myself really empathising with Carla, hoping for things to turn in her favour. I loved the turning points  in her life, from marriage, to strife and finding someone other than her faraway friend Uma to confide in. This could very well be a true life story, and it is packed with emotions. Vera Zegarac has a clear skill for this genre and narrative. From beginning to end, this is an amazing story. I really enjoyed reading this.

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