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Book review: Flight of the Black Stork by Bill Broocke

When first they spotted the crescent shaped craft they had thought it was some new reviewaircraft made by the Germans. They had never imagined what these Foo Fighters actually were, nor what their sudden and unexplained appearance actually meant for the people of Earth. Over fifty years this same alien species performed reconnaissance, experiments, abductions, and discovered that mankind was exactly what they had been searching for, and they had been searching for five centuries. Their god had promised them a new home, but Earth’s residents had complicated matters, after learning of Mankind’s destructive capabilities there seemed only one viable path, to destroy the threat, or at least those that couldn’t be of use. Bill Broocke’s Flight of the Black Stork will take you on a thrilling and suspenseful journey in an alternative history version of some of our worlds most well-known events

Brilliantly written Flight of the Black Stork will hold you captivated from the opening sentence to the final word. Beautiful descriptions add a wonderful flourish to events and easily conjure surroundings and atmosphere into the reader’s mind. Something about Bill Broocke’s style is mesmerising, even the simplest of activities have life and realism breathed into them. There’s a lot of genuine history within, along with the author’s own spin to open up the world to the events that unfold. With a great cast of characters, all unique with their own baggage, flaws, and passions, not to mention well-developed with a rich history and personal story, you’ll find it easy to fully emerge yourself in this world, and there are some parts that will even feed the imagination of conspiracy theorists. Government secrets, red herrings, schemes, and plans all come together in a mix of unexpected and enjoyable plots and sub-plots in an excellent example of alternate history fiction.


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