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Book review: The Far Haven Treasury by Aleksandra Layland (@kbenart1 )

Aleksandra Layland presents The Far Haven Treasury, an amazing combination of reviewfantasy, romance, and action. This wonderful tome contains the third part of the Windflower Saga, Far Havan: A Quest for Certitude. A Fight for Justice, but also enriches the saga by the inclusion of Alvina, Courage of Ansgar, and the second half of Swords of Ansgar. This collection provides a fantastic timeline from an almost medieval world to a more technologically advanced civilization. Watch how the past connects to the future, and step back to see the thread create a magnificent tapestry.

The Far Haven Treasury: A Quest for Certitude A Fight for Justice, is the third part of the Windflower Saga. Written with a flair and style I have come to both expect and appreciate from Aleksandra Laylan. These are stories of love, diversity, conflict, and acceptance. This is the fourth book I have read, and I have enjoyed every single one. The characters contain such depth and go through obvious growth and development. They are flawed, they succeed, they fail, and some even rise from the ashes of their failure. It is so easy to lose yourself in the culturally rich world crafted from Ms. Layland’s imagination. Here you not only have a world, but rich history, myths, legends, and familial heritage. Each book I have read works perfectly as a stand alone fiction, however, if you’ve read some of the other books you will be rewarded with a deeper knowledge, insight, and understanding of events and even clearly see how things developed to their current point. As the final part in the series it is every bit as epic as you would expect, clear your morning, make some snacks, because once you get started you won’t want to put this literary treasure down.


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