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Book review: Three Brothers of Ansgar by Aleksandra Layland (@kbenart1 )

Forget of world’s and weaver of tales Aleksandra Layland has done it again in yet reviewanother wonderful tale. Three Brothers of Ansgar,  A Windflower Saga Novella book 26. Two years have passed since the death of King Ansgar, Kapa’a, Borgumik, and Koritane (Kori), are his three youngest son’s, still in the grips of youth when their father was taken from then in a tragic accident. Three stories within one gripping novel as you follow the uniquely different path each brother chooses.

I first came across the three brothers Kapa’a, Borgumik, and Koritane when I read Ansgar: Struggle of a People, Triumph of the Heart. This is now the third title I have read by Aleksandra Layland and I still find myself amazed at the sheer depths of the world, people, and culture. The author breathes life into a magnificent setting enhanced by vivid characters and captivating plots. Stories within stories unravel as you follow each of the three brothers as they each move toward their destiny. Whilst each journey is short, they each change the world in their own way, and the ripple effect of such choices will surely be seen by all to some degree. Aleksandra Layland has a clear flair for this style of work, succeeding in whisking the reader way to page after page of character driven adventure. You don’t read Three Brothers of Ansgar, you live it, and having read the book prior to this, as well as one that occurs some time later, I can in all honesty say this author continues to hone their craft.

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