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Book review: The Mortal Fires by Anna Durand (@TheAnnaDurand )

The Mortal Fires by Anna Durand is the second book in the Undercover Elementals  reviewseries. Lindsey Porter was the Janusite, a mortal born with the powers of a Roman god. But she still had no idea what that actually meant, what was expected from her, or even how to harness this apparently legendary magic. As if that  wasn’t complicated enough she discovered her boyfriend Nevan, a sylph and one named king no less, had been keeping something from her, or someone of grave importance. Her name was Ceara, and she had come to claim what was her, him, and the title of queen. She cares not that Lindsey is his soul mate, and she is not the only one to warn her away from the Sylph king, the Oracle himself says he will be her destruction. Something dark has come to the realms, something with its vision trained on Lindsey’s power, and if she won’t give it willingly, then he will take it by force, and his reach far extends what any of them could imagine.

The Mortal Fires by Anna Durand is the second book in the Undercover Elementals series. There was no book one for me, I just dove straight in, intrigued by the plot, and hooked from the first lines. Whilst the second book in the series it holds it own. It is clear I’ve missed some key events but all the information I need to fill in the gaps is supplied with style and ease, never breaking the flow of the story. Packed with suspense, mystery, romance, and that gnawing feeling of dread The Moral Fires will compel you to read page after page, questioning what you think you know of the characters, wondering who can be trusted, and if the seemingly inevitable shall come to pass.


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