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Book review: Dying Thoughts – Fourth Week by Joey Paul (@MsJoeyBug )

Our teenage homicide solving ‘visionary’ is back! But this time she finds herself working reviewagainst the clock. Her friend has gone missing. No visions give Tara hope she’s still alive and well, but they also mean she has no leads as to her whereabouts. Determined to find her friend before it’s to late and she find herself bearing witness to her death, Tara will do something she has never done before, investigate. She will pursue her own investigation, hoping, praying, she can find something the police have overlooked  before it is too late.

Another brilliant edition to the Dying Thoughts series, I can’t help but feel in this book Tara really comes into her own. With so much on the line we see what she is really capable of. I think in each review I praise the author’s first person narrative style, and this book holds no exception. Masterfully written, brilliantly presented, with a plot that keeps driving you forward. I’ve already picked up book five in the series, and can’t wait to see what adventures are next in store.

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