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Book review: Dying Thoughts – Fifth Secret by Joey Paul @MsJoeyBug

Tara was in trouble. She had been forcing herself to believe it was a joke, perhaps even a cruel scheme from Jody. She would rather believe anything than what she feared to be reviewthe truth. It had started with a simple note, I know your secret, it warned. The notes were sporadic at first, but soon they were being delivered to her home, and at increasing frequency. It finally she had to admit the truth, this was something more than a secret admirer or a cruel joke. It was similar to the stalking her father had endured before her mother had been murdered. With no clues to work on Tara knows she must reveal her stalker before it’s too late, but how can she know who to trust when those she has faith in could be the ones responsible?

By now, having read all five of the books in this series to date, I can openly state that I am a big fan of Joey Paul’s writing. I was never a fan of first person narrative, but over the years I have found some brilliant examples, and this series is one of them. It feels like it is written for me, like Tara is telling me, and any reader will experience the same level of personal connection to the writing. Gripping, entertaining, and suspenseful, Dying Thoughts – Fifth Secret makes for a compelling read, I can’t wait until the next book is released.

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