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Book review: Ivy Smoak – Those Summer Nights (@IvySmoakAuthor)

Mila had never felt at home at her university, the only thing that had made it remotely bearable was the fact she had found Aiden. His friends became hers, but just when she thought he was about to propose the unthinkable happened. Fighting her way to summer break she decides to use this time to discover herself, but instead she discovers JJ, a smoking hot lifeguard she just can’t stay away from. Hurt and broken she tries to keep her distance, but fate has other plans. But can she trust another person when every man in her life has let her down?

Those Summer Nights is a book in Ivy Smoak’s Sweet Cravings series. There is only so many times I can praise this author without getting repetitive, but she continues to deliver relatable, engaging characters complete with flaws, struggles, and quirks. I love how, as a reader, we are transported directly onto the characters lives and feel every bit a part of them as those involved in the story.  All the steamy and passion I’ve come to expect from this author. No matter the setting, no matter the characters, Ivy delivers. And if you pick up Those Summer nights, you’ll not only fall in love with Mila and JJ, but the very essence of summer, friendship, and romance.

I read this on KU last year but purchased it to reread this year.

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