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Book review: Ron Root – Nexus Moons

When a magical experiment goes disastrously wrong Lavan, headmaster of the art reviewuniversity finds himself in deep peril. His research suggested a power similar to the ancients could be found at the time of a Nexus moon, and he intended to investigate luring his old friend, Magus Jarek Verity, along. The two had been inseparable, so his chance arrival had only added more excitement to what he thought he would uncover. U fortunately, when things go wrong they go wrong in the most catastrophic way. During his experiment, Lavan is tricked and dragged to else, here, a dimension parallel to their own. Distraught, Jerek will do everything possible, risking life and limb, in an attempt to return his friend and in doing so uncover things he never dreamed possible, myths made flesh and terrors thought fables. There is no guarantee he will succeed, what he will attempt is unprecedented, and he may even change everything people thought they knew in the process.

Nexus Moons is book one in Ron Root’s Tales of Graal series. From berserkers to magi, monsters to alternate existences, there is something for everyone who enjoys a good fantasy read. Following the arc of several main characters, you are drawn into a world of magic and control, where to practice can sometimes be viewed as heresy by those worshipping One God. On a quest to save the headmaster, Jerek is forced to confront things he thought were impossible, creatures he thought were but fables, and he is not alone. Uncovering a new power, Jerek’s newly claimed nephew also has a secret, a power he is just coming into which sends him fleeing for his life, lest he be charged for something he is innocent of. The gripping third-person narrative will keep the reader engaged and invested, and the growth and development of characters will not leave them wanting. I loved the speech and mannerisms, specifically the integration of old-world phrases and insults rarely seen in today’s books. Action, mystery, looming threat, and danger drive the plot forward as kinship is forged and rekindled in unexpected ways.

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advance review copy – review published following release


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