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Book review: Matt King Eternity’s Instrument

In Matt King’s Eternity’s Instrument, Micah Dawson was a powerful angelcaster, a reviewperson who could channel the power from one of God’s angels that can be used to alter the world in a way that appears to be magic. When the silver alien sphere arrived one Monday morning it changed his life. He was to head up a team, like him they had been specifically chosen for their talents and abilities. They are tasked to quell the oppressive ideas on a world with the technological advancement of the earth in the 1940s and defeat the enemies brought by the dark spheres.
Eternity’s Instrument by Matt King is book One of the Angel’s Arpeggio series and is a Christian science fiction. Jam-packed with action, fights, flying bullets, slicing swords, swinging staffs, and magic, combined with some hard-partying, drugs, alcohol, and any high that can help to forget the kills and relieve tension. The first-person tell-style narrative occasionally switches to embrace authorial intrusion, where the character appears to be directly addressing the reader, making them feel like they are being included on the events unfolding. High stake action and religious currents meet in a good vs evil, dark vs light battle. While the plot generally focuses around Micah, the supporting characters all have their own individual traits which help to enhance the unit as a whole, each brings something unique to the table that is needed for them to operate efficiently. I enjoyed the incorporation of different perspectives when it came to religion and the application and seemingly limitless potential for Micah’s angelcasting.


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