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Book review: Lisa V. Proulx – King of Shadows (@LisaVProulx)

Lucinda had loved Darien. Despite his cruelty, the torture, and all she was forced to reviewendure by his hand. When she had left him, she had hoped it would make him see things differently. But she didn’t realise how much he would change. When she found his corpse relief and heartache ran rampant, but his death was only the start of her troubles. Months later she gave birth to his child, but in death Darien has met his true potential, and is determined to raise the child as he sees fit, teaching him the dark ways he himself has embraced, and Lucinda once again is forced to suffer by his hand.
King of Shadows by Lisa V. Proulx is a short horror tale centring around the tragedy that is Lucinda’s life. I enjoyed the first person narrative, especially how the author built scenes and descriptions, even now the funeral scene at the start is still really prominent in my mind. I enjoyed how Lucinda broke away from being a victim, only to find herself in a darker situation, and the ending certainly surprised me. A great short horror.

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