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Book review: T.J and ML Wolf – A Gleam of Light (@TJWolfAuthor )

Una Waters had left the Hopi Reservation after her parents’ death, she was unsure if she reviewwould have ever returned if not for a letter begging for her aid. Something was happening on the sacred peaks, and they hoped as a recognised person, she could act as a mediator between people, keep the peace, and find a way to stop the unwanted military activities in the years. Something strange was happening there. The military had arrived in force and a strange light, a death, and an unexpected gift seem to be just the start of the mysterious events. The military is determined to find answers, and they don’t care about respecting the land and beliefs of others. Unless Una can find the proof she needs to protect the site then an integral part of the Hopi history could be lost forever. But finding proof when the site is guarded by the military is near impossible, and there is more occurring than meets the eyes, something that links back to something she experienced as a child. Eager for answers she undertakes this journey, but can she face the truth of what she may find?
A Gleam of Light is a science fiction story by T.J and ML Wolf. One of the things I appreciated most about this book was the fact I not only enjoyed a captivating tale, but I also learnt something. I enjoyed reading about different aspects of Hopi beliefs, combined with adventure, challenges, and Una’s journey. Her journey is one of discovery, not only into the events occurring on the peaks and the past, but into herself and the connection she had almost forgotten with the land and life. A Gleam of Light has a strong cast of main and supporting characters, all of whom have their own roles to play in advancing the plot. There are many aspects woven wonderfully into this story, from beliefs and culture, to alien abductions, UFOs, and conspiracy theories. This is the first book in The Survival Trilogy, but it was written in such away the story stands alone, while paving the path for what may follow.

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