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Book Review: Mollie Player – Fights you’ll have after having a baby (@MolliePlayer)

I don’t normally post reviews for non-fiction books on my blog, but I enjoyed this one so reviewmuch I thought I would make an exception. Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby, addresses issues most parents don’t consider when bringing a child into the world, the impact and change this bundle of joy will have on their own relationships, and the feelings and problems that arise. it also offers some great advice on how to turn things around and get back on track.

Helpful resolutions, quotes, and experience are brought together in a gripping narrative in a manner which not only offers great advice, but is fun and enjoyable to read. In Mollie Player’s Fights You’ll Have After Having a Baby, you have the author bearing their soul, and sharing thoughts and feelings that at one time or another we have all experienced. Entertaining, informative, and enjoyable, making this a great read for people at any point in the parenting journey from expecting a first child to expanding on an already established family. I also felt the advice was also transferable to marriage itself, even without children. I read this on KU, and not only really enjoyed it, bit found it useful as well.

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