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Book review: War – A.G. Kirkham

Maddie had always loved music, she put part of herself into every concert, every song, reviewevery note. It was a part of her, right up until the day someone ripped it from her. Her abduction had been the most terrifying moments of her life, and whilst she had been rescued a part of her, the part loving to be on stage, remained trapped. When the local MC, Satan’s Pride, insist she performs, she reluctantly finds herself in the spotlight, but War finds her too. He vows to protect her. He had sworn never to take a partner, and yet he could not envision his life without her. She was his, and when news if her abductor’s return reaches his ears he vows to do everything he can to keep her safe. She is happier than she has been for a long time, and he knows this news could destroy her.

War is part of A.G. Kirkham’s Satan’s Pride series. This novel follows the stories of Maddie and War as fate brings them together despite events from the past, and promises made to themselves attempting to keep them apart. It is wonderful to watch Maddie and War’s subtle changes as they grow together and learn to trust. There are some highly erotic and sensual scenes handled with passion and taste. Romance, insecurities, looming threat, and friendships drive this plot forwards. Written in the first-person perspective, mainly from either Maddies’ or War’s point of view, you are placed right in the centre of the action, with the character’s own monologues expressed in the narrative to give you glimpses into their innermost thoughts as fears. I appreciated how, like many people, Maddie and War both had masks, Maddie is one person on stage, another with her brother and band, and another with War. He too has his many different egos, from fierce protector, considerate lover, to loyal Pride member. While part of a series, this book reads perfectly as stand-alone, and perhaps even drops hints into what I suspect will be another tale between Vi and Orion. Lovely romance, engaging, descriptive, and passionate. A great summer sizzler to lose yourself in.

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