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Book review: Moon Deeds – Palmer Pickering (@PalmerPickerin1)

Cassidy had heard the music from the stars for a long time; even though the Shaman’s reviewShield, she could still sometimes hear their song. There had been a time when her twin brother, Torr, had once recited the message, but the words had long been muted, and the true melody was forgotten. Her mind was on other things now, such as the Shaman’s Shield failing, and her brother being the first line of defense against the Tegs. Little did the twins know that this calling was just a fraction of the destiny about to be laid before them. Magic has proven to be the only force capable of defending against their attackers. Being from Shaman descent they have been born to tap into this gift; they are the Star Children, and humanity’s only hope of survival.

Moon Deeds is the first book in Palmer Pickering’s Star Children Saga. This space opera is set in the not so distant future, yet embraces a world changed, altered, and scarred as mankind gets their wish for visitors from other planets. They brought with them new technology, new ideas, and far more than humanity had bargained for. There is only one hope of defence, and that is magic. I thought the book had a solid scene setting, world-building, and vivid characters who display no shortage of growth, moxie, and perseverance. There is so much to love about this book, from its complex and intricately woven plot filled with tension, strife, and discovery, to the personal attachment you begin to build with the characters due to finely executed character building, engaging personalities, and difficulties in both moral dilemmas and situations. The pace is perfect to build tension, and I loved the length of this book. There is something to be said for bigger books; they often feel more complete and developed, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in hours of reading. This is a really strong and engaging first book and the combination of magic and technologies will find it at home on any sci-fi or fantasy lover’s bookshelf.


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