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Book review: Borrego Moon – Kat Drennan (@KatDrennan )

Years had passed since Alex had removed himself from Lily’s life. She had made reviewsomething of herself. She was a hot-shot lawyer, and one of the partners in the firm was actively seeking her hand in marriage. He had proposed, but she had been unable to give an answer. When a body was uncovered back in her hometown it opened a lot of doors to the past, and gave her just the excuse she needed to get away. On the night she and Alex had broken up, her sister had gone missing, and was presumed dead. Her mother refused to believe it, in hope to get closure Lily returns to her childhood home to find it in ruins, but she is determined to salvage what she can. It seems Alex too has his own restoration in mind. He has never forgotten her. He wants to rebuild his life, but a secret from Lily’s past refuses to let her trust him.

Borrego Moon is book one in Kat Drennan’s Love on the Faultline. It follows the complicated relationship of Alex and Lily as past and present collide to once more bring them together. It was great watching the gradual building and restoration of their relationship. I enjoyed the characters, I thought they were well-written, engaging, with enough flaws, hang-ups and personality to make them realistic. The investigation aspect adds intrigue and mystery to the compelling romance and leaves you eager to discover the truth from all those years ago, and there is more than one secret to be uncovered. I found the book to be compelling, engaging, and entertaining. I didn’t want to put it down until I had all the answers.

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