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Book review: The Knowing – JB Straton’s Story – Brit Lunden (@caroleproman )

JB had known from the moment his eyes first met Ellie’s that they were meant to be. His The Skull Piratesgrandma had called what he experienced the knowing. He was drawn to her beyond anything he had before experienced. She was a rich Yankee, he a poor peanut farmer with only the promise of an unfulfilled dream as a football star. He was talented, but was certain he was trapped, forever destined to remain a farmer. Ellie wouldn’t listen as he told her to find someone better, she wanted only him, and would even defy her parents for his love. Fate, however, had other plans for the lovers.

The Knowing – JB Straton’s Story – is volume one in Brit Lunden’s, A Bulwark Anthology. It is a beautifully written love story encompassing the present, past, and even past lives. It is a romance, with a hint of supernatural. It is well-written with a level of area building and character development often unseen in shorter books. It was easy to read this is one sitting, the story is sweet, intriguing, and sometimes moving. It has certainly piqued my interest in other books by this author, especially the Bulwark, which this anthology stems from. Intrigue, obstacles, fate, and supernatural combine to present a gripping tale bound to satisfy anyone who enjoys a character orientated, well-constructed read. There are little touches throughout which caught my interest, and have no doubt referenced events in the main book. I thought the conclusion of the book made the perfect ending to a tightly-knit tale. I look forward to seeing more work from this author.


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