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Book review: Game Six – Judy Bruce

When her mother is caught in the crossfire of murder Brit suffers an endless stream of reviewnightmares. In a blink, she has lost her best friend, her home, everything. But she is not one to sit and lose herself to grief, not when there are answers to find and someone to be held accountable. It is amazing what secrets you uncover when given a motive look. Grudges seem abundant, but something uncovered suggests maybe, just maybe, the real target was not among the dead. With the help of her closest friend, Liz, and the handsome police detective, Brit vows to bring this killer to justice, but whether it will be delivered by her hand or the law’s has yet to be decided.

Judy Bruce’s Game Six focuses on Brit’s life in the wake of tragedy. She is a strong character who will let nothing stand in her way in finding the truth. Judy Bruce focuses a first-person narrative tell style of writing switching to the occasional third party perspective when focusing on things outside of the character’s knowledge. There are some good ideas, along with a few red herrings. Unlike this author’s Wind series there isn’t really much in the way of hidden clues for a reader to follow in order to conclude who is responsible, mainly due to the nature of investigation making such revelations impossible without spending a great deal of time on the involved characters’ histories. This is less of a who-done-it and more of an investigative drama. Liz and David make a good supporting cast in an enjoyable and unique tale. Heartbreak, gumption, moxie, and persistence drive the characters and the plot forward to its final and gripping conclusion. I must confess to having a special place for Liz in my heart, she is well-conceived and does wonders to cast a new light on people on the spectrum that those standing in judgement of their more difficult behaviour would overlook. I look forward to more from this collection of characters. I give Game Six a solid 4.5 stars.

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