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Book review: A.M Martin – Avery (@AM_MartinAuthor )

Avery had been happy, excited, full of joy and wonder. She was her father’s Rainbow girl reviewbecause she filled his world with colour and beauty. Until something stripped the beauty from her. Locked away physically and mentally she still sees the rainbow colours, but now they are from other people, she sees their emotions through ribbons, the very things she has locked away are on display. But she doesn’t care, she has escaped it all, neither happy nor sad about the empty vessel she has become. Until Jeff takes her home, a place where secrets and confusion will hold her in their grasp, a place she will need to embrace everything to survive. Her family had a secret, and as she comes to learn of the hidden world of shifters and bonds she finds a greater purpose, a reason to maybe try to tear down the defences she has so desperately fortified.

Avery is the first book in A.M Martin’s Wolf Rage series, and it will sink its claws into your imagination. Written in alternating character first-person perspective you are given a clear and vivid picture of the inner thoughts of key characters at critical times, sometimes even reliving the same scene through different eyes. There are some interesting and original ideas that are bound to please and leave you wondering what next? More questions form from answers as Avery’s own uniqueness brings about change and perhaps even a balance.

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