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Book review: Tao Wong – Life in the North

John had taken a brisk walk to get away and clear his mind. Life had been unkind, he reviewhad left everything to move to be with his girlfriend, his flat burnt down, and their separation was just another bead in a endless chain of misfortune. Of course, waking one morning to find out that the entire planet had been claimed by the System and was becoming a dungeon planet was just icing on a very bitter cake dressed with the fact he was level one in a level 110 zone. Luckily for him he has Ali, or should that be an ally, a spirit companion designated to ‘help’. First step, reaching civilisation, second step, survival in a world where the indigenous wildlife are mutating into things imaginable outside a game. But a game is exactly what his world now mirrors, a very deadly one. No respawn, no rescue, no class skills, and the odds are stacked against him.

Life in the North is Tao Wong’s first book in The System Apocalyptic series. John is a great character, and you’ll find yourself willing his success, watching as he grows, develops, and evolves to find his place in this adapting to world, and to survive you have to be tough, and know who to trust. Tao Wong has an immersive writing style that pulls the reader in, conjures vivid scenes and intense action. There is chaos, uncertainty, challenges, action, adventure, and change, the perfect ingredients for any LitRPG. As an added bonus, it’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

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