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Book review: C. Wain, A Prayer for the Necromancer

Kaze had been sentenced to death, but his foes, including the High Mage King himself reviewand the resources at his disposal, had greatly underestimated his abilities. Dark magic had been banished from the kingdom along with any who had once practised it, and Kaze’s crime was returning, or at least that was the reason presented. You would think after all he had done a debt would be owed, instead the king has a secret to hide, and seeks to further his own ambitions. Kaze will not forgive the treachery, and vows to expose him, and his dark agenda. There is more to the king and his desires than meets the eye, and the very fate of the land is in jeopardy. A quest so large starts with a mission so simple, to save a life.

The first thing that sprung to mind when reading A Prayer for the Necromancer is that C. Wain has to be a fan of anime, or perhaps has been inspired by some along the way. There is just an air of anime about this book. C. Wain writes in a simple, easy to follow style and introduces enough mystery and subtleties you want to keep exploring the pages. If magic, the supernatural, gods, adversaries, grudges and secrets, presented in an anime-like fashion is what your looking for then this book may be right up your alley. As the first book in the series it does set some good scenes and the characters, whilst sometimes generic, have their own little spark that keeps them interesting.

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