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Book review Erin S. Riley, A Flame Put Out (@erinsriley1 )

Selia had made her decision. She had stayed with her berserker husband despite being reviewoffered an escape. But having children altered things. Then came the day she feared Alrik, already despairing due to a devastating loss listened to a rumour, and turned his hand not only against her but against the children. Selia knew she had a difficult choice to make between the man she loved and the safety of her children. There is only one person who offered her sanctuary, but so long has passed would he even be willing to help?

Having read the first book I couldn’t wait for tiger my hands on the next instalment and it did not disappoint. Heartbreak, betrayal and secrets are paramount, and not just those Selia has been keeping from Alrik. As before Erin S. Riley conjures a believable setting and realistic characters, each with their own complex history bringing real depth to some amazingly portrayed characters. Care has clearly been taken to ensure the events and commodities accurately reflect those of the chosen era. A Flame Put Out is another brilliant read, and book three is certainly in my must read list.

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