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Book review: The Last City (THE COLONY Book 2) by Roslyn M Gilmour (@RMGilmour )

Lydia knew there was something important she should remember. Her mind kept reviewreturning to it over and over again, yet each time it slipped her recollection. Her world was nothing more than a painted dream, but she couldn’t help but wonder what their home had been before they had altered it, what lay beneath the layers, or beyond the sky shield. The more she wonders the more questions she has about these lands and its people. She finds herself immersed in history, thinking she would learn to better understand her surroundings, but instead she learns of a threat, one which could mean the end of all. War was coming, and it threatens to destroy everything.  What will it take to survive, and can Lydia do what would be needed? Find out in Roslyn M Gilmour’s  The Last City (The Colony book 2)

Loyalties are questioned and doubts force a wedge between even the strongest of allies. Schemes, deception, and betrayal make up but a fraction of an intricate plot. The first person narrative style of Roslyn M Gilmour really lets you get a feel for Lydia, and through her interactions you witness the bonds of friendship and the sting of betrayal. There’s a good balance between description and allowing the reader’s mind to fill in the gaps, as well as an array of ‘technologies’ that would satisfy many lovers of science fiction. The Last City is the second book in The Colony series, and while I feel I would have benefitted from reading the first book initially, the author does touch upon the important events that had been missed if you’d not read the first.


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