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Book review: The Wisdom and Valor Treasury by Aleksandra Layland(@kbenart1 )

The Wisdom and Valor Treasury is brought to you by Aleksandra Layland and includes Of reviewWisdom and Valor: The Art of War. The Path of Peace, which is part two of the Windflower Saga Trilogy, and three novellas, Bind Not the Heart, Leofric of Longridge, and Keridwen Rose, part of the Sword of Ansgar. There are a plethora of books in this saga, and placing them in a treasury was an excellent idea. A reader can easily navigate related stories, following families and timelines from the past, through generations, without being concerned about reading out of order. The addition of these novella really serves to enhance the story and world brought to you in the Windflower Trilogy.

I have read a number of books by Aleksandra Layland, and what a ride they have been. Whilst I’ll admit I’ve not read them in order having foreknowledge of what is to come also has its advantages. This is definitely a series of discovery, not only for the characters but for the readers. I have no doubt I could read these two or three times and still pick up on subtleties and intricate details that I missed during my first read. This is a collection you will come back to time and time again. It is deep, detailed, and expressive, with plots that holds your focus with ease. The attention to detail and world building show signs of hours lost to developing a rich and complex world, and I get the impression as readers we see just the tip of the iceberg. Aleksandra Laylan has a real talent, and it is for precisely this reason I find myself continuing to read her work. If you’re looking for an involved read with twists, surprises, conflict, drama and suspense then look no further.

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