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Book review: Cookie Johnson by Tank Gunner

21 year old James Jerome Johnson, of J.J. was a drop out, forced to take a job to support his mother and siblings, but conditions at his work place were getting to him. He joined reviewthe army, slipping the recruiter ten dollars to be directed to the cooks, he loved cooking, and to do so in the army would be perfect. But Recruiter Staff Sergeant Holt had other ideas, he signed the youngster up for the airborne infantry. Perhaps he could see something in him J.J. couldn’t see in himself, or maybe he did indeed just want to meet his infantry quota, but it seemed J.J. was a natural infantryman and more surprisingly, finds it fulfilling. His assignment is not without danger, after being injured in line of duty he discovers another unexpected surprise,  Lieutenant Katie Patton. But regulations are as clear as his own heart, but both have a message that contradicts. One states their relationship cannot be, and the other wants her regardless of the cost. Will J.J. choose love or duty? Find out in Tank Gunner’s Cookie Johnson.

Cookie Johnson has a great cast of characters, very real in behaviours and banter. Reading this really complex web of regulations, secrets, love, and  war will leave you blown away in a whirlwind adventure. Tank Gunner paints a vibrant picture of army life in Vietnam whilst building and array of characters you really root for. There’s so much to this book, it’s a tale of war and of love, and no two things are more complex. Gripping, thrilling, Tank Gunner succeeds in crafting a tale both solemn and uplifting, witty and insightful.


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Reviewed by K.J. Simmill, Author of The Forgotten Legacies series


1 thought on “Book review: Cookie Johnson by Tank Gunner”

  1. Thank you for your outstanding review of Cookie Johnson. Your generous words were thoughtful and inspiring. I do appreciate your donation of time and helpful contributions to read my novel and respond. Thanks again.


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