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Book review: The Land of the Sourpie by J.S Skye

The Land of the Sourpie is a Beautifully written fairy tale written by J.S. Skye and book 2 reviewin the Flurry the Bear series. Flurry had learnt many things since leaving the North Pole, his most favourite of all, the many varieties of food. He had been sent away from his family to learn humility. He had settled into his new home, made new friends, but when a letter from the North Pole came telling him he and his friends could visit, Flurry couldn’t contain his excitement. Little did he know when he reached his homeland there would be a surprise awaiting him, and it would lead him on an adventure he could never have dreamed.

The Land of the Sourpie possesses a fairy tale descriptive style that brings to life the charming tale for adult and child alike. J.S. Skye successfully portrays and addresses some major emotional issues that children may face and, under the guise of a fluffy teddy bear cub, teaches some important and valuable lessons. The reader is plunged straight into Flurry’s world in an action packed adventure written in level appropriate manner. As a parent I often say my child has a lot of big emotions for such a little person, to see this reflected in Flurry came as quite a surprise. This is what every children’s book should strive to be, fun with morals and lessons presented in a way the child reading it doesn’t notice they are there, and yet they recognise their value. Flurry really does portray the very persona of a child, from his child-like naivety, to his perception and outlook. His adventure will be loved by children, and appreciated by adults.


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