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Book review: A Time For Glory by Martin L Strong

Forced to retreat as the Danes close in on their flanks Logan and Dawson flee. The reviewSaxons were losing this battle. Reunited with their savage ally Arthos, they finally find the space to activate a strange device. Before the Danes’ eyes the three Saxon warriors vanished from sight. But that was not the end of this trio, it was simply the conclusion of another adventure. The year was 2143, and combat experiences were all the rage to stem the growing boredom of the masses. Time travel was just one of the benefits of being a member of the Iron Guild. There was a rule that was always upheld, you protect your shield brother. When Logan did his first ‘bounce’ he had fled, leaving Dawson to fend for himself, he had been shamed, but since that day he had upheld this rule. Logan and Dawson experienced many battlegrounds together, and as soon as they arrived back, had Logan was preparing for their next one. But it didn’t go as planned, from the very onset everything went wrong, resulting in grave danger to both of them. Separated and tortured they barely manage to escape with their lives, but, to his surprise, on his return he finds a lie had been woven, one which questioned his honour and destroyed his friendship. Sent into a spiral if despair Logan almost loses everything. Then comes the news, Dawson was missing. Logan will do everything he can to bring his friend back, despite Dawson vowing if their paths ever crossed again he would kill him. Discover ancient conflicts in Martin L Strong’s multi-layered tale, A Time For Glory.

A Time For Glory is part of Martin L Strong’s Time Warrior Sagas and makes for an action packed roller coaster of a read. From jumps and battles in history to character turmoil and conflict, Martin L Strong, successfully weaves a believable cast and world, and as in life everything and everyone has their own agendas. The author shows talent in both character development and imagery, making it easy to visualise everything that transpires. Enough futuristic elements to satisfy a sci-fi reader, while not alienating those who would shy away from the genre. Martin Strong presents excellent ideas to the theory and application of time travel, inclusive of the debates and repercussions of such an undertaking.


Book link:

A Time For Glory


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