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Book review: Who Killed Vivien Morse by Diana J Febry

Who killed Vivien Morse is a murder mystery by Diana J Febry.
Vivien Morse was a social worker,  looking after the down and outs, rejects and 519ae5multroublemakers. She never could ignore a good sob story,  and perhaps that is what got her killed.  Prior to moving to Sapperton she paid frequent visits to prisoners, whilst suffering the fist of her own jealous husband.  Now she has been found murdered and there seems to be no shortage of potential suspects. It is up to DCI Hatherall to dig through Vivien’s past in order to piece together the truth about this woman’s life,  and in doing so, hopefully discover not only her murderer, but their motives.
If you’re looking for a murder mystery with plenty of twists and a cast of interesting, eccentric, and well-developed characters this is certainly not a title to be overlooked. Whilst it is the fourth book in the DCI Hatherall series no knowledge of previous tales is needed, but I warn you, the plot is so carefully conceived that you’ll find yourself wanting to purchase more of Diana J Febry’s work. It was an enjoyable murder mystery, with an array of characters that will stay in a readers’ mind for some time after.
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